The Operations Directorate (OD) is one of the most essential part of the company. The operations directorate is made up of sub-divisions that play various vital roles in the production of various gas products at the Gas Processing Plant (GPP) at Atuabo in the Western Region. The Operations Directorate (OD) has primary technical responsibility in ensuring that Ghana Gas’ activities meet the international best industry standards and in-country regulatory requirements. The OD works closely with other departments such as Commercial, Logistics, Procurement, Legal, Government Relation, Communication, Community Relation and Corporate Social Responsibility and HR in its day-to-day operation of the facilities.

The OD works with the Health, Safety, Security & Environment (HSSE) department to ensure that all activities carried out at the various Ghana Gas sites meet the highest international standards and the most stringent safety regulations, in order to secure the safety of personnel, the communities in and around the gas facilities, as well as Ghana Gas valuable assets.

The Engineering and Maintenance Department plays a very pivotal role in the goals and aspirations of Ghana National Gas Company. The department is responsible for all projects engineering related activities undertaking by the Company, and maintenance engineering activities. The department also performs and manages all the maintenance activities required for all the gas facilities.

The project controls department provides Management with performance information required to effectively manage project’s budget, scope, schedule, and risk. Proper implementation of estimating, cost control, and planning/scheduling principles enables coordinated development of work breakdown/coding structures, budgets, schedules, analysis, forecasts/ trends, and reports to support project management in achieving the project's cost and schedule objectives.

Construction Management Department, a department under the Operations Directorate is responsible for the management and execution of all projects; either directly related to the Gas Infrastructure Project or community development activities that the Company carry’s out.

The Quality Assurance and Quality Control (QA/QC) department provides support for the construction team and the facilities operations/maintenance teams. The QA/QC department develops and implements procedures, which are required for construction and operation/maintenance activities. These procedures are in accordance with international standards (ISO/TS 29001 and ISO 14000 guidelines). Regular audits are performed to verify compliance with these procedures.

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